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Dr. Maya Djaparidze

Dr. Maya Djaparidze
Speciality: Radiologist, Sonographer
Experience: more than 15 years.


  • Tbilisi State Medical Academy. Course: Echoscopy Cycle;
  • Moscow Medical Academy. Professional Retraining Course: Ultrasonic Diagnostics;
  • Clinical Residency. Specialty: Pediatric Surgery.
Reviews about Dr. Maya Djaparidze (4)
Patient: Karina G.
Doctor: Dr. Maya Djaparidze, Radiologist, Sonographer
I needed to get an ultrasound urgently and found a clinic in my area. I was left with a positive impression from the visit, both from the doctor and the clinic. There is a cozy waiting area with the possibility to charge a laptop, the opportunity to make yourself drinks, plus impeccable cleanliness. The ultrasound started at the appointed time, the doctor was attentive, reassured me, and explained the conclusion in detail. I've scheduled an appointment with a gynecologist, and I may add to the review later.
Patient: Veronica
Doctor: Dr. Maya Djaparidze, Radiologist, Sonographer
A very friendly and approachable doctor! She carefully examined everything and explained, gave advice on what should be placed under additional control. An excellent specialist, I recommend!
Patient: Sonya
Doctor: Dr. Maya Djaparidze, Radiologist, Sonographer
To be honest, I didn't expect such a detailed consultation. Usually, like most people, I don't understand anything in ultrasound, but the doctor stopped at every point, explained where the norm is, where there is a deviation, why it is so, what to watch for, and so on. The most understandable and detailed ultrasound in my life :)
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