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Dr. Maya Djaparidze
A very friendly and approachable doctor! She carefully examined everything and explained, gave advice on what should be placed under additional control. An excellent specialist, I recommend!
Dr. Teona Shvangiradze
I have never encountered a more responsive and knowledgeable doctor than Dr. Teona Shvangiradze. I approached her due to metabolism issues, sudden weight gain, and associated problems. She conducted extensive diagnostics and prescribed all the necessary tests. Her ability to explain medical aspects simply and clearly is excellent. I immediately felt that she genuinely cares about my health, attentively listened to my concerns, and to some extent, complaints. Thanks to her assistance, I feel much better. Thank you!
Kristina T.
Dr. Maya Sadunishvili
The impressions from the doctor's visit are only positive. A top-level professional! Thorough questioning, a very careful examination, everything is clearly and comprehensively explained, and recommendations are provided. I recommend the doctor.
Dr. Shorena Mitichashvili
A wonderful gynecologist! There is always a sense of involvement and care, and the answers to questions are very detailed. A highly competent doctor. I sincerely recommend!
Dr. Nataliia Kniazeva
I would like to share my feedback about the reproductive specialist, Dr. Knyazeva. Surely, many of you know how challenging the journey to a desired pregnancy can be. My husband and I tried to conceive for many years, and I had to turn to a reproductive specialist. I had already had an unsuccessful experience with IVF in another clinic. Therefore, we decided to try changing both the clinic and the doctor. From the first meeting, the doctor created a trusting atmosphere. I felt that she heard me and was ready to help. My medical history was thoroughly examined, necessary additional tests were conducted, and a plan of action was proposed. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and compassionate approach are truly inspiring. I believe that this time, everything will work out for sure!
Dr. Maya Djaparidze
To be honest, I didn't expect such a detailed consultation. Usually, like most people, I don't understand anything in ultrasound, but the doctor stopped at every point, explained where the norm is, where there is a deviation, why it is so, what to watch for, and so on. The most understandable and detailed ultrasound in my life :)
Dr. Maya Sadunishvili
An excellent specialist. An attentive and compassionate doctor. She listened to everything—all my doubts and complaints—and asked many important clarifying questions. I am satisfied with the appointment!
Dr. Teona Shvangiradze
The impression from the appointment remains positive. The doctor is tactful, delicate, conducted an examination, measurements, and explained everything. Regarding the test results, she explained what the obtained results mean and outlined the next steps. Her approach to my problem was very inspiring, as throughout the time I've been trying to lose weight, which is almost my entire conscious life, I learned many things during just one appointment that I didn't know before. Moving forward, thank you very much!
Dr. Shorena Mitichashvili
I want to express my gratitude to the doctor for her attention, care, and competence. She patiently listened to me, answered all my questions, and created a trusting atmosphere. I will definitely recommend the doctor. Now she is my permanent physician.
Dr. Shorena Mitichashvili
The doctor is simply a magician! I turned to her with problems that had been bothering me for six months, and other doctors couldn't help. She explained all the prescriptions and treatment very clearly. Thanks to her caring attitude and understanding, I felt calm and in safe hands. Her warmth and attention made the visit pleasant, despite the unpleasant situation. I am incredibly grateful to the doctor for her help!
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