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Thyroid gland diagnosis check-up

This program allows for obtaining comprehensive information about the functioning of the thyroid gland and, if necessary, forming a course of prevention or treatment.

Diseases of the thyroid gland often proceed asymptomatically in the early stages or with mild symptoms. The presence of disorders can only be determined through laboratory diagnostics. Based on the examination results, an endocrinologist will help identify the risks of developing pathologies of this organ and determine any existing diseases at any stage.

Suitable for:

  • Individuals with excess or insufficient weight
  • Those experiencing excessive sweating or decreased sweating
  • Individuals with regular palpitations
  • Those suffering from hair loss
  • Individuals prone to swelling
  • Patients with paleness and dry skin
  • Those with visually noticeable changes in the shape of the front surface of the neck

The program includes:

  1. Blood hormone analysis: TSH, Free T4, Anti-TPO, Anti-TG
  2. Thyroid and parathyroid ultrasound
  3. Consultation with an endocrinologist

Cost: 220 lari.

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