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Prenatal care

Individual comprehensive prenatal care at the center of reproduction and genetics European Fertility Clinic is a special arrangement elaborated for observing over the health state of intended mothers running a high risk of pathologies and complications during their pregnancy.

This arrangement is recommended to women who:

  • get pregnant with the help of Assisted Reproduction Techniques,
  • have a complicated pregnancy (plural pregnancy, extragenital pathologies, Rh incompatibility, mature age),
  • want to be observed by doctors in a specialized medical center.

Prenatal care offered by European Fertility Clinic is a thorough observation over a mother and her baby’s health state to forestall spontaneous abortion and malformations development.

Our gynecologists and obstetricians are well-experienced in surveying a complicated pregnancy and can find a special approach to every case. We perform diagnosing with the help of the most modern equipment certified in compliance with the Georgian standards. We take full responsibility for the validity of diagnoses and examinations we perform.

One of the important issues is the right choice of a maternity clinic where an intended mother delivers her baby. That’s why we direct intended mothers only to the best maternity clinics and specialists in Tbilisi specialized in obstetric aid to women with a normal or complicated pregnancy.

It is worth mentioning that a pregnancy achieved with IVF (ICSI, Artificial insemination) doesn’t differ from that achieved in a natural way. However, there are several points to take into account:

  • Complications can be the consequences of the dysfunctions that caused infertility. Taking it into account, our gynecologist-obstetricians thoroughly study their patients’ medical history and medical records and discuss their cases with the patients’ attending doctors;
  • Infertility treatment with Assisted Reproduction Techniques increases the risk of multiple pregnancies. A plural pregnancy is considered to be complicated by some fertility specialists, as a woman’s organism gets excess stress. What are the consequences? If a woman is pregnant with twins or triplets, it increases the risk of spontaneous abortion or preterm labor. Moreover, the risk of such pathologies as gestational diabetes, mazolysis, and preeclampsia is also high;
  • Most of the women, who achieved their pregnancy with the help of IVF, are of a mature age that is fraught with a high risk of spontaneous abortion, preterm labor, and complications even if the pregnancy is monofetal.

Our prenatal care arrangement includes

If you have decided to enter into an agreement with our clinic, you will be interested to know what is included in the pregnancy management program. Below, we provide a list of examinations and tests that will need to be completed during each trimester.

1st trimester:

  • Consultation with a gynecologist

  • Laboratory tests

  • Consultation with a general practitioner + ECG

  • Consultation with an endocrinologist

  • Abdominal and kidney ultrasound

  • Expert ultrasound screening at 11-13 weeks

2nd trimester:

  • Consultation with a gynecologist

  • Laboratory tests

  • Expert ultrasound screening at 18-21 weeks

  • Consultations with relevant specialists as needed

3rd trimester:

  • Consultation with a gynecologist

  • Laboratory tests

  • Doppler ultrasound

  • Cardiotocography (CTG)

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